Dying Light: Latchkey Hero – The Story So Far

On the 14th of April this year, my Latchkey Hero series has turned seven (7) years old and I am very proud of it. And to celebrate that, I decided to whip up a master post/index for everything I have so far.

Latchkey Hero 

 “On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” – George Orwell

The fall of Harran robbed man of its humanity, and Zofia Sirota of her innocence. Finding redemption, with the city rotting away around her, seems to be a pipe dream at best, until a man falls from the skies and turns futility to hope. Either that, or he’s about to make things a whole lot worse.

Part 1: Good Intentions

Part 2: The Road to Hell

Part 3: Call it in the Air

Side Stories

Hide and Seek

In which Kyle Crane finds it horribly difficult to stay on target and regrets having put on jeans for the day. Plus, there’s a game of Hide and Seek in the Tower’s lower levels that turned a little grim.

The Gunsmith: A Lady’s Favour

There’s a little girl in dire need of modern day magic, and still Crane tells me: “Stay here.”

Before Harran

Kyle Crane loves his job, and he’s damn good at it. Obviously, since he’s still around to take more contracts, and when the GRE approaches him for one very particular deployment, he finds it very hard to say no. But how do you prepare for Zombies? It’s not like there’s a ton of handy training material available, so Kyle decides to improvise.

Season 02: Volatile

Harran sits at the brink of a grim and unsteady future. Beaten by a ruthless storm and at the mercy of an uncaring outside world, the Zone now looks to the Tower and its three leaders for what hope it has left. Brecken, Lena, and Crane, their names now revered within the concrete walls for their shared bravery, tenacity, and dedication.

But only one of the three is insane enough to set out in search of that desperately needed hope: an abandoned shelter beneath the luxurious domes of Old Town, where whispers herald a much greater threat than the remnants of Rais’ legacy.

Part 1: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

Part 2: Thousand Mile Night

Part 3: Ashes of Eden

Part 4: Through the Fire

Epilogue: Happy Birthday

Season 03: #SaveHarran

Hidden in the sprawling outskirts of the crumbling Harran metropolis, sits the key to a cure. Supposedly, anyway. Not like it matters much, since Kyle Crane is done waiting for the outside world to fix this mess and hasn’t ever shied away from trying his luck where there’s often none to be found.

Part 1: Insert Coin

Part 2: No Gods or Kings. Only Man.

Part 3: Nothing but a straight line

Part 4: End Game


The Sequel: Monsters, We.

a paper crane, a paper tiger, and a metal scorpion strung up on a red string, with the crane at the top and the scorpion last. they hang in front of a wooden door.

There are three kinds of people in this collapsed world. The many who’ve accepted their lot. The rest that claws for survival at any cost. And those rare few who continue to live unabashedly—shamelessly—even with their humanity a fragile thing.

Aiden finds Villedor at what he hopes to be the end of a too-long search for what’s left of his family; an end to a life he lived alone, one muddy, dark road at a time.

It’s all he’s ever known and he’s far too young to be so weary.

Kyle Crane, his Paper Tiger by his side, seeks Villedor in a final effort to turn back time on a curse that threatens to unravel them both; to make them forget what they so stubbornly kept on living for.

It’s far too hard to fight and, sometimes, forgetting is a tempting mercy.