Varrett Vild Vickers (V.)

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Varrett is a bisaster who loves his family, loves life, and knits his friends bracelets. He’s got gasoline pumping in his veins, misses dodging asteroids and defying the laws of physics in his Hawk, and mopes if he can’t get his fingers to dance on a piano keyboard for too long.

Some say he has a resting dork face. He says those people probably smell funny.

Read all about him in Aphelion, where landlords survived the apocalypse and Varrett does all he can to make rent and keep him, his mom, and his adopted kid brother off the zombie-overrun streets. At least until a woman falls from the skies and turns his already very lopsided life very sharply sideways.

Varrett giving Sebastian a soft kiss on the lips.
Varrett and Sebastian (by shobi)