/r/Fanfiction HP Winter Fic Exchange Part 2 of 2


The /r/Fanfiction Harry Potter Winter Fic Exchange was a delayed Christmas present for 7 Harry Potter fans. Each put their list of preferences in and received a random recipient to receive a drabble based on their preferences. We have split them up into two parts (since the reviewers did take part :P) and will be reviewing them in blocks!

Fandom blind friendly: All require some basic knowledge of Harry Potter.

Reviewed by: Ashes0909


A Muggle Life

433 words, complete, @ AO3 by SatuD2

Genre/What to expect: A lovely drabble exploring Ron and Hermione moving into the Muggle world.

Rating: Gen

Pairings: Ron/Hermione

The first drabble takes on the question of what Ron Weasley would be like in the muggle world. Trying to adjust, Hermione is there to lend a helping hand in this sweet and authentic story.  It perfectly captures how uncomfortable Ron would be in a muggle flat and Satu does a wonderful job showing a kind intimacy between the couple, that helps them through this magic-to-muggle transition. A lovely fic all around!


The Ball Game

552 words, complete, @AO3 by Robbin_Hoods

Genre/What to expect:  Post-War Hogwarts era. During a Quidditch match, Harry Potter and Oliver Wood go after the snitch in the Forbidden Forest. 

Rating: Gen

Pairings: Harry/Oliver

The second drabble is a tale of two boys struggling to find something to say to one another. Harry and Oliver walk through the forest and are confident with everything but one another. I really liked how Robin_Hoods chose to start this fic, and from the very beginning I was rooting for these two to find a way to bridge the gap from friends to flirting. Great job!

Snowflake Kisses

595 words, complete, @AO3 by 

Genre/What to expect:  Post-War Hogwarts era. Draco is trying to adjust to Hogwarts after Voldemort is defeated.

Rating: T

Pairings: Harry/Draco

The last fic of this set was a gift written for me by amaranthium. They’ve all changed after the war, none moreso than Draco. Harry starts to see it and with this observation, he becomes intrigued. A little dash of mischief from a friend, and Harry and Draco’s relationship transforms in a fitting and festive end. Lovely work!

In summation

These three drabbles are lovely little fics. Each show their couples coming together in different ways. Some, for the first time, while others are adjusting to a new world and having only one another to lean on. All in all, the fics were very well done and a great, quick read. Enjoy!

Instar – a Marvel Cinematic Universe fic


2572 words, complete @Ao3 /  by spiderstanspiderstan

Genre/What to expect: All the Avengers are overprotective. Black Widow tracks Spiderman, and then they go for a coffee.

Rating: Gen/Slice of Life

Pairings: None

Natasha investigates Tony’s newest ally. He may have potential, but they definitely don’t make them like they used to.”

Suitable for fandom blind readers? No (well, Maybe. All you need is passing knowledge of the characters backstories to thoroughly enjoy it.)

Reviewed by: Ashes0909

Spider-Man and Black Widow never really interact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it wasn’t until this fic that I realized how much I wanted them to.

Spiderstanspiderstan’s Spidey practically walked out of the movie, smart but a bit overeager. The author put him together with an ever-suspicious Black Widow because a new superhero is hanging out with Tony Stark, and she’s curious.

It’d been frighteningly easy to dig up information on the new boy and cross-reference from there. Anyone could have done it.

Fifteen years, five months. Born in the new millennium.

It left a horrible taste in her mouth.

The above hook set the tone for the story, humor intertwining with the somber reality of a teenager fighting in a civil war.

Black Widow constantly walked the line between protective and wary of this young newcomer. Spidey, on the flip side, is entertainingly awed by it all- the Avengers, fighting on the tarmac. It was a joy to read the two of them interacting.

“Is this going to be a regular thing?” Spider-Man asked, abruptly uncomfortable. “Are ex-Avengers gonna keep showing up in my life and interrogating me? ‘Cause I need to start planning around that if you are. People knowing who I am could get me in a lot of trouble.”

Then, Tony entered the picture and I was smiling ear to ear. Black Widow and Iron Man’s back and forth to see who could be more protective had me snorting every other line.

This fic is great. It leaves you wanting more, while also feeling pleasantly satisfied by the simple slice of superhero life.  

Review Example from Ao3’s thisfairytalegonebad

I really loved this, the way you wrote the characters, Natasha’s view of Peter, and Natasha and Tony’s conversation at the end.
I like you writing style, it’s really pleasant to read, and that added to the nice characterisations makes a great fic.
So, great job here, I really enjoyed it!