Book Review: Wulfgard, The Hunt Never Ends

Wulfgard, Werewolves, Monsters, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Monster Hunting

By Maegan A. Stebbins. Get the book on Amazon!

In the civilized world of humans, ‘monsters’ have all but passed into legend. But when something goes bump in the night, when people begin to disappear, when a dark mystery begins to haunt even the most peaceful villages, there is only one organization to turn to: the Hunters. The Venatori. Having lived a life of discipline and service, former soldier Caiden Voros finds something even worse than the wars of humans: the monsters that hunt them. Horrors yet unknown even to him and his many scars await in the claws, talons, fangs, and mysterious powers of creatures so far beyond humans that he must dedicate himself entirely to the art of slaying them. Harboring a secret of his own and in a constant struggle to find answers while maintaining his sanity, however, Caiden begins to ask the age-old question… Who is truly worse, the monsters or the Men?

Myths. Legends. Monsters. Knights. Already that’s a winning recipe for me. But add rich characters that make me kick the blankets and go Eeee and you’ve won my heart forever. That’s what Wulfgard has and why I want to share it with everyone.

The Hunt Never Ends follows a veteran of life and war.

Caiden isn’t the New Guy who needs to grow into his boots and fill out his uniform. Figuratively or literally. He’s fought his battles. He’s lived. But all of it he’s done with a burden: He hears thoughts that aren’t his, dreams dreams that aren’t his, and feels emotions that, well, also aren’t his.
Which, to be fair, immediately endears him to me personally. Because jgåöphsd, I’m endlessly fond of abilities like that. They get me to keysmash. More so though, it all acts as real good glue that sticks this collection of short stories together, providing a rising threat as living with this unknown gift/curse/burden gets worse and worse as the stories progress.

Not that it’s the only thing that does!

See, there is one particular thing that I think Maegan really, really excels at. Well, two, actually. There’s her folklore research which she packs into her stories. That’s one of them. But the one that has me hooked on her work are her characters. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about her Big Protagonist or a only briefly mentioned side character. They’re all characters. They have depth and they come alive and I can’t stress enough just how much I’ve fallen in love with them.

So read it and experience them. Give them, and the world of Wulfgard, a chance to make a home in your heart like they did in mine.

Get the book on Amazon!

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