Worldbuilding: Trero's Calendar and Ages

I can draw lines!

I made dis! ( ^∇^) A Calendar (at least a draft of it) and a timeline documenting Trero’s ages. This baseline will help drive me insane as I try to keep my facts straight and flesh out Trero’s history further.

Eras and Ages:

Trero’s recorded eras are divided in two: What’s now called the Golden Dawn and anything that came after. 

82 years before Dawnfall: The Rain of Fire prophecy fell into the minds of all Dreamers. 
It took no more than two minutes – two minutes in which life stopped for every Dreamer, no matter how faint their gift. Two minutes in which they watched fire rain from the sky and set Trero ablaze. After that, life changed. All that mattered from there on out was to find a way to stop what’s yet to come.

Year 0: Dawnfall
Also known as the 1st Reaping. At what’s ever since been known as the peak of civilisation, the Reapers gave their name a new, but very fitting, meaning. They turned on mankind and tore it all down.

Year 500: The Calamity
2nd Reaping. Mankind was stubborn. They tried to rekindle what they lost and only found another Reaping waiting at the height of their efforts.

Year 965: Hellfall
Pieces of Hell fell from the skies in what many believed to be the Rain of Fire. It wasn’t.

Year 1790: The Glitch
3rd Reaping. A short, but much more brutal Reaping than any that’d come before. It brought humanity to the brink of extinction before it ended just as suddenly as it began.
Year 2080: The Folly
4th Reaping. With most of Trero still recovering from the Glitch, an Emperor rose in the East, marching from the Eye and across both the Belt and the Grief with only one purpose: Unite Trero and bring about another Golden Dawn. His wars and conquests brought both chaos and order. And his ambition another Reaping. 

Year 2097: Beginning of A Shielding Thing

Calendar / The Year

A year is divided into 10 months. All but one are 36 days long.

  • Frosthold
  • Tre’s Thawing
  • Tiern’s Bloom
  • Hausk
  • Eastmarch
  • Ais (the shortest month at 18 days)
  • Dragon’s Flight
  • Vets
  • Ro’s Luck
  • Comharth

The Turns (weeks)

Days are grouped into turns. The first turn sees Hell rising in the south and falling in the north over the span of 9 days. Then follow 9 days without it, but in which the position of Trero’s rings (The Trails) are used to indicate the passage of time.

A turn in which Hell is in the skies follows a simple naming method:

  • Hellrise
  • 2nd day of Hellrise
  • 3rd day of Hellrise
  • Crescent
  • 1st day of Hellset 
  • 2nd day of Hellset
  • 3rd day of Hellset
  • Hellset

A turn without Hell often has individual naming conventions depending on the region, sometimes named after kings, lesser gods, or even Reapers.  

And that’s that. Lots more work for me to do, but at least now I know where to plant all my history lore. Right?  |  Read on Ao3 |  The Tafftreon (Patreon)

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