A Shielding Thing

I’ve finally done it. I’ve started to properly write A Shielding Thing – and more so, I’ve decided to write it in the same web novel style as I’ve done with my two large Fan Fiction projects. Considering I’ve been able to see both of those to completion, I’m thinking this means I have a good chance I will finish Sinvik’s pilot adventure as well.

Which means! The very first (and very raw) draft of it is going to be available for reading online, posted as I go, one chapter a month. In fact, it’s already started.

I’m super excited about this – so excited, I forgot to tell everyone what this Shielding thing actually is. So, how about I get that out of the way.

a Shielding Thing

In a world guarded by creatures made of blood and wire, in which Hell crouches in the skies with a toothy grin, great secrets lie locked behind ancient doors that have neither lock nor key.

Or so everyone believes.

Sinvik Shielding is a Folly child, born at the tail end of a hard war and the great Reaping that followed it. Though even as the lands continue their slow mend, she lives a life of guarded privilege, sheltered by her family’s wealth.

And yet, having it all, she yearns.

She doesn’t know what for exactly. Maybe it’s adventure she craves. A purpose. Something more, something past the weight of her name. Or maybe it’s freedom of the voice in her head, that ever-present echo in her bones which hushes her dreams and muffles the world’s persistent whispers.

It’d certainly be a start, at any rate.

Trindram Hawks knows life before the Folly only from his studies – and he knows well enough that nothing has changed for him and his kin, nor will it ever. Born marked, a Sare, but free, he lives his life avoiding shackles (or worse) and tries hard not to dream.

To dream is to be disappointed. To see a future you can’t have washed away by circumstances you can’t escape. But turns out dreams care little for his reluctance – and come find him. Whether he likes them to or not.

Together, they’ll be drawn into a web of secrets made of doors yearning to be opened, and a race towards the promise of a key meant to bring all Reapers to heel.

The web novel can be read on Ao3, right here: A Shielding thing Book 1, A Rain of Fire.
And for everything at one glance, head to shieldingthing.com, where I will be adding Character profiles as well as Lore information as the project matures.

I’ll also be posting writing journal updates here and on my tumblr, some of which will first be available exclusively on my Tafftreon. Which is my fancy name for a Patreon since all the other cool kids are doing that, too.


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