Taff Campaign Diaries: The Cast

Art Credit:
Character art by Trashmuh / Princess-Triton and Saph-y.
Logos and stuff made by Taff with assets from Unsplash.

When I started the campaign, I prepared a handful of level three characters that my lost soul players could shop for. Which put me a little on the spot, since what do I know about what stats a warlock needs?
Thankfully, I wasn’t alone. Mav pulled my ass out of the fire and helped me set them up, and that left me with the time and flexibility to get to doing the really important bits:

Write their physical descriptions and give each of them a life. Because, see, the players (my lost souls) weren’t going to actually know about the lives of the bodies they’d just been put into. Instead, they will accidentally bump into story triggers as the campaign progresses, slowly unravelling their personal mysteries.

Needles to say, this GM is hoping that it will be at the most inconvenient of moments.

But this GM is also not without heart, and so I recruited a guide for them. Or, rather, I sent a character on an important quest, one that made him cross paths with our lost souls.

Tomakos Drake

Guide – Dork – Real Good Hugger

Born into a divine inheritance of murder and bloodlust – oh, and being a werewolf on top of that – Tom tries to make the best of it. He’s a good person, he swears (really, he is), and he even managed to become a knight until word of his true nature got out. Now traveling up and down Faerun, his lycanthropy keeping him unable to stay in one place for long, Tom has all but dedicated his life to adventuring and doing what’s right, battling evil wherever he might find it. Because who says monsters can’t be nice?

Sinvik Shielding

Plot on paws – Not actually a cat

A soul rending curse would have been the end of her, but a druid’s clever work twisted fate the other way around. Now, forced to walk on soft paws (and pretty kittened off about it), Sinvik’s life lies in Tom’s hands. Luckily, Tom would turn entire planes inside out if that’s what it’d take to hear her voice again, and chasing halfway across Faerun to try and catch the warlock who’d almost killed his lover is barely worth the mention.


Cute – Cuter – Burdened by Darkness

This lithe Tiefling with her thick, black hair and those short, stubby horns that look to be a little out of alignment, lived a mysterious and dark life before a lost soul found itself misplaced in her body. Her skin is a dull, milky purple, patterned generously by large, light splotches ranging from stone grey to almost white, and her eyes are a soft hue of silver.

Griphi, so far, has learned that her dreams are full of countless curious eyes whispering dark promises at the edge of the black. She’s found out she’s a warlock, and pierced through the thick fog of memories that aren’t quite hers to learn the use of her cantrips.


Really likes fast cars – Accidentally zaps kobolds

This dark-skinned Aasimar, with her thick locks of black hair textured by threads of grey, has a soft dusting of feathers adorning her shoulder blades and delicate, fiery tattoos dancing down her arms. They match her dark eyes flecked with smouldering fire.  

The misplaced soul who’d found himself in Vana quickly found out two important details: She- he- is no longer a man. And she’s a wizard. Oh, and a Pirate Queen, as it turns out. Wanted for 3000 gold for murder, kidnapping, theft, pillaging, more theft, more murder, and a whole lot of indecency.

Brolla Treegrower

Mmm, food – Soft – Raunchy Jokes

This plump, strong, and sturdy half-orc has tusks almost big enough to pass for a pure blooded one. He keeps his brown hair cropped unevenly and his eyes are a kind, soft green.

Broll is a druid, as the lost soul found out only recently. He’s also a man, so that was a bit of thing for the soul to adjust to. Though at least his name is known for merriment, joy, and good food, rather than plunder. Broll has learned how to bust a nut in the last session, by which I mean he’s found his druidcraft spell and made a small green sprout grow from an actual nut that came from a tree.


Feisty – %&!” – Sleepy

She’s a sturdily built halfling who keeps her hair long with cleanly cut bangs stopping just short above her dark brown eyes. A single ear stud adorns her left ear, simple and with a green stone set in it.

Fen was the most recent lost soul to have joined the group, what with how Tom and Vana intercepted her getting marched towards Seaspite Town so the local clergy could destroy the demon that’d taken over her body. A body that is decidedly more woman than the soul had been used to, and- well- shorter.


Kind of short – Foot, meet Mouth

He’s a bit short for an elf. His long, thick red hair is the colour of greedy fire, offset by the strands of fabric and beads woven into it, which come mostly in hues of green and blues. Sharp, grey eyes laced with shreds of green look on keen an alert, and he’s lithe and well built. Honed, maybe, a little more by intent than his craft. Holes in his ears indicate he’s had piercings. 

The soul placed into Feyrith hasn’t learned much about himself yet, aside of that he’s shorter now than he used to be, and that his dreams are filled with memories of mortal pleasures.

The unChosen

Griphi, Broll, Vana, Fen, and Feyrith weren’t the only characters I’d prepared. They were the ones that my players picked, but I am not about to forget about the ones that didn’t get pulled from the hat.

Patterned in a mottled mess of browns and reds and whites, Bright Button is an especially puffy Tabaxi with a bushy tail and tufty ears. They’re slender, with narrow shoulders and narrow hips, and keen eyes the colour of the setting sun.

Herdek lost his hair somewhere on the way, or decided to turn it upside down, what with his thick, long ashen blond beard that reaches past the middle of his chest. It’s well kept, braided here, cropped there, and how he eats without staining it is anyone’s best guess. His eyes are the colour of a storm encroaching on brilliant blue skies. But unlike a storm, they are steady and kind.

Faegella is a young (and probably still growing) Firbolg with pale, thick skin lightly dusted with mossy green, a colour that matches her large eyes. She has ridiculously long hair the colour of lightly red straw, which she keeps bound in a thick tail.

And here we are.

The characters have arrived on the board and they’ve got a whole world to explore. On top of a cat to turn into a woman again, of course. And spells to learn without blowing themselves up. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll also try and look for a way home.

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