Short Story Review: Blackberries and Snow

By Lacey over at allnightwriting
Read it here.

It’s hot today, going to be hotter tomorrow, and now the sky is an unbroken field of haze that burns the throat as it goes down and reeks of charred wood and burnt rubber.

I‘ve never reviewed a short story before, so I am not entirely sure where to start or where to end, especially with this particular piece. There’s a lot packed into so few words, and it all comes together under the unkind heat of a world turned hostile by rampant climate change. Which, now more than ever, is a topic that very much resonates with a lot of us. Worries us, even. Though while that is a tangible theme, the story didn’t leave me feeling grim and hopeless. No. Rather the opposite. 

I feel the string that ties me to these people, to my home, acutely this morning. It’s alive, vibrant, and hooked so deeply into my heart that it’s going to hurt when I pull away.

Blackberries and Snow is a a beautiful, short eco punk story that follows a young woman in her steps over the threshold of her childhood home, and out into an uncertain, but hopeful future.

I like it, okay. I don’t really know what else to say. Lacey’s writing has always drawn me in, and I love how she doesn’t ever let us lose hope, or get lost in the darkness of an inherently dark theme. 

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