Sadja’s (un)lucky Dice


I’ve had my first proper tabletop sessions. And. They. Were. A-mazing. There was enough excitement left in me that I couldn’t sleep after the first one ended, and had to wind down with some Elder Scrolls Online before I could tuck myself into bed.

Even if our dice are held by Beshaba, the Maid of Misfortune.  Who likes giving me natural 1s. Over and over and over again.


All of that giddy excitement over headbutting with a dice rolling bot can be blamed on Maverick-Werewolf, who is running a campaign in which I am allowed to let Sadja out to play again. This time, she’s a vertically challenged elven bard with a pair of clumsy feet. Yeah. It didn’t take long, and Sadja is already showing quirks unique to this particular iteration of her character- quirks I can’t wait to explore in more detail.

Aaaand because I have absolutely no self control, I’ll probably be writing about her adventures on here, since this blog needs a little bit of content. Got to use this virtual real estate for something. It’s been getting awfully dusty.   sneeze 

So, who is she?

art by

A vertically challenged elven bard who wouldn’t harm a fly, travels with a kobold named Blix, has a donkey named Three, and an old, worn pan flute she carries snugly secured to her hip.

She has an adventurous heart, though she isn’t particularity courageous, which stands a little in the way of how she’d love nothing more than to record tales of great heroes and their exciting exploits. For now, the journal she carries around everywhere has collected mostly figments, since she has yet to step from her comfort zone enough to find someone worth singing about.

Though that’s not me saying she’s a coward. Theoretically she might be. But she doesn’t have near enough sense to stay clear of trouble if trouble presents itself.

Oh, and she likes animals.

They’re her favourite, and she’ll fite* anyone who even just thinks about kicking a puppy.

Class: Bard (Duettist)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Tymora
Familiar: Meep the rat
General attitude at the end of the second session: I need a drink.

*by throwing things at them, or kicking them in the shin, because she really isn’t any good with all that violence. 


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