Dying Light: Latchkey Hero

Season 3, #SaveHarran

. . . is outlined.  For the first time, I’m actually seeing the ending in front of me.  Not just by thinking about it, but by flipping through the notepad that I’ve had with me from the start, where Latchkey Hero’s first few words were written, and where I’ve plotted and outlined almost all of season two and three.


It’s falling apart, I admit, but with all the abuse it’s been getting I am not surprised.  And with abuse I mean waking up in the middle of the night, having an idea and figuring something out and dropping the thing three times before finding a pen.

But what delights me the most?  How absolutely perfectly it fit.


No one can tell me that this isn’t a sign.  That Kyle Crane’s and Zofia’s journey isn’t about to pause where it ought to, because they’ve done the unthinkable and been with me for two years of incredible joy and headache.  Mostly joy though.  And pride.  I am so proud of them.

Yeah, it was Latchkey’s two year birthday on the 14th of April.  🎊

Neat.  Right?

So.  What now?  Now I got to write everything that I’ve outlined, and get back to posting once I’ve caught up.  Which, I’ll be honest, feels a bit like I’m staring at the Mount Everest right now.  It’s all a little scary.

But we got this.  748 words and counting.

Latchkey Notepad


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