/r/Fanfiction HP Winter Fic Exchange Part 1 of 2


The /r/Fanfiction Harry Potter Winter Fic Exchange was a delayed Christmas present for 7 Harry Potter fans. Each put their list of preferences in and received a random recipient to receive a drabble based on their preferences. We have split them up into two parts (since the reviewers did take part :P) and will be reviewing them in blocks!

Fandom blind friendly: The three drabbles reviewed here all require some basic knowledge of the characters of Harry Potter.

Reviewed by: SatuD2

Three Sheets to the Wind

554 words, complete, @ AO3 by blockedthewriter (lostlikeme)

Genre/What to expect: Humour, the twins giving Ron some much-needed romantic advice!
Rating: Teen and up
Pairings: Ron & Fred & George, Ron/Hermione

The first drabble I’m reviewing is the one that was gifted to me! This is a fic where the twins come across Ron drinking dejectedly in the bar after, what can only be assumed, was a disastrous session in the sack. Poor Ron is morose and drinking his sorrows away. blockedthewriter perfectly captures the twins as they swoop in to save the day, telling jokes to make their brother laugh, saving him from intoxication, and dispensing sage advice.

It’s wonderful, sweet and hilarious. If you want a dose of brotherly hijinks and a dash of good advice mixed in there somewhere, I will highly recommend you take a gander at this delightful oneshot!

A Day in the Life of Watching Ginny Weasley

602 words, complete, @ AO3 by ashes0909

Genre/What to expect: Romance, pining and realisation of denial in one lovely bundle.
Rating: Teen and up
Pairings: Hermione/Ginny

The second drabble is almost painfully sweet. It perfectly encapsulates that awkward teenage crushing, where you notice your amour everywhere you go but you’re totally not watching them, that would be ludicrous, they just happen to be at the edge of your vision at all times. And on the other side of that, the awareness of being watched and of revelling in that attention. And, of course, Luna being the most sensible one present as always.

It all comes together in the closing section. It’s sweet and delightful and warms the cockles of your heart.


643 words, complete, @ AO3 by Hermit9

Genre/What to expect: Hurt/comfort, a lovely depiction of a poly relationship, gender fluidity and being trans
Rating: Teen and up
Pairings: Draco/Luna, Luna/Harry (mentioned)

The third drabble is a beautiful little self-contained glimpse into an established relationship. Everything is portrayed so sweetly and respectfully. Draco is the trans character, FTM, and as he sits in front of the mirror and surveys himself you can feel your heart breaking. Luna, nonbinary and wonderful as always, comes home from a date with Harry and gently puts their partner back together again. It’s incredibly sweet.

In summation

These three drabbles are very different, cover vastly different relationships and characters and scenes. They’re all delightful in different ways. I would highly recommend all three of them for your reading pleasure 😀

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